Our Kiosk

An industry where face-to-face interaction is considered extremely crucial, it might be thought that self-service could not play an important role, but the opposite is more often true, as self-service can help to promote inclusion for the under-privileged too ensuring quality of personal care and detailed understanding.

Further, times have changed thanks to the pandemic. Online and digital self-service enables and ensures social distancing for the patients as well as the doctors and their teams while providing the complete required services. Digital Health solutions have been recently growing in acceptance. Telemedicine turns out to be the most cost-effective way to make quality healthcare accessible to rural, under-served populations. Moreze’s kiosks can support this effort by offering dedicated and secure video conferencing between patients and caregivers.

Moreze’s kiosk plays a significant role in providing trustworthy and secured data transmission between the patient and the doctor or healthcare advisor. It also enables patients with access to their confidential information and can help hospitals to run in a more efficient manner by automating the check-in procedure. It even cuts down on the paperwork. Thus, the kiosk enables in reducing the costs with enhancing the user experience and ensures maintaining thorough confidentiality.

Common functions

  • Patient Self check-in
  • Patient access to Confidential Medical records and printing of reports
  • Wait-room status and Notification
  • Wayfinding and Building directory
  • Forms submission and ID verification
  • Secure Video conferencing
  • Vendor screening and Check-in

Common use cases

  • Reduce patient wait time
  • Frees up manual staff involvement
  • Promote education and public awareness
  • Organizational and regulatory compliance
  • Valuable Patient Data management
  • Improves patient experience

Some examples of the solutions offered by kiosks for healthcare include:

  • Automated arrival terminals, where patients can check themselves in

  • Appointment booking or Queue Management kiosks, for patients to make or view appointments

  • Health information terminals, which provide general health information and give answers to common questions

  • Patient records terminals, allowing patients to check their medical records and allow printing of the reports too.

  • Vendor management with screening and check-in terminals

  • HR Kiosks for employees with no access to computers for general HR activities