Canteen management Kiosks

Our Kiosk

Cafeteria / Canteen Management System ensures efficiently managing cafeteria operations primarily in vendor managed food courts in large and medium organizations and multi-tenanted facilities. Further, it manages meal orders, billing & payment, kitchen inventory.

Part of the Employee Self-service (ESS) is to enable the employees to be able to access the canteen management system with self-ordering. Devices like kiosk administrator, card reader, bill printers, etc. can be mapped on the systems and managed seamlessly. Integration with the payroll and access control systems ensures an efficient and smooth functioning with cashless and secured management.

Moreze’s Kiosk can offer recharge of coupons at food courts and offices. Employees can top-up their food cards with multiple digital payment options. This enables a safe cashless environment in the cafeteria.

Common functions

  • Biometric/ ID card based secured access
  • Token vending machine
  • EMV based payment option
  • Integration with Payroll system for post-paid payment option
  • Online payment function with wallet based payment gateways
  • Surveys, Suggestions, and Incognito reporting of complaints

Common use cases

  • Reduce HR Staffing Demands
  • Promote Company Announcements
  • Audit and Track User Activity
  • Increase Employee Engagement and Satisfaction
  • Secured Cashless environment.